Madhu Shrestha, PhD, MDS

Executive Director


Dr. Madhu Shrestha is a Clinical Assitant Professor and a board certified oral pathologist, at Texas A&M University. She teaches Oral Pathology to dental students from D2-D4, dental hygiene, graduate and post-graduate students! She does clinical oral pathology consultations, is involved in the biopsy services, and is actively involved in research about oral diseases such as precancer, cancer, odontogenic tumors etc, at the dental school.

She has been actively volunteering every month in the dental clinics operated by the Himalayan health clinic to screen and spread awareness about oral diseases .

She graduated at the top of her class during Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Tribhuwan University, Nepal in 2006 and Master’s of Dental Surgery from Kathmandu University in 2011, her PhD from Hiroshima University, Japan, in 2019 and her joint residency-MS degree from Texas A&M University, Dallas, Texas in 2022!!

She currently resides in Arlington with her husband, daughter and a lovely cat. She loves hiking and has a bucket list to climb some few mountains in her lifetime!! You can reach her at