Dental Services

Basic Dental treatment may include Dental consultation, loose tooth extraction, a temporary filling, incision and drainage, and gingival curettage of the localized area to get

Other Services

Himalaya Health Clinic (HHC) is powered by Texas Nepalese Medical Association (TNMA). For more informnation, please visit TNMA’s

Specialty Clinic and Programs

Himalaya Health Clinic (HHC) provides consultation for primary as well as specialty care needs. In addition to Family Medicine and Internal Medicine physicians, we also

Health Clinic

Whether you have a headache, cold or cough, allergies, asthma, diabetes, hypertension, or some other common sickness, the clinic may provide basic care during normal

Patient eligibility Requirements

To receive services at Himalaya Health Clinic, patients must: Have no form of health insurance or healthcare coverage (Medicaid/Chip, Private Insurance, etc.) Document to submit: